Sovereign Myconid resin printed miniature for tabletop / DnD


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You are purchasing a freshly printed & unpainted resin miniature!
The miniature will be printed to order, usually made from a grey photopolymer resin.

This comes on a 50mm base and is about 10.5cm from his feet up to the top of the branch.

I will remove all supports and do as much cleanup as possible.
The supports are required during printing & placed to result in the minimum of disruption.
Some level of modelling ability will be required to finish clean up, assemble the miniature and fill any required gaps.


They are printed to order, and production time may vary depending on production queue. I will let you know ASAP with a rough time and always endeavour to get the prints out as quickly as possible. This is the reason for the 1 – 2 week processing time.


Any painted miniatures you see in the listing have been painted myself, and not for sale. I do commission painting – for that you will need to get into contact with me, however!

If you go to Patreon you can subscribe to Lord of the Print and access their files on a monthly basis to print yourself, or their MyMiniFactory and purchase directly!

I am licensed to print the miniatures from Lord of the Print.


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